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Have you been playing New World lately? Do you want to do better in PVP/PVE situations? This game taught us the ins and outs of a much richer combat system. The combat originated in "Dark Souls" and is seen in games like "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice." Fallen Order will quickly teach you when to block, and when to get out of the way. Timing frames is critical in these style games, not unlike old school fighting games.

This style of combat is rich and rewarding. Once you learn a boss, you will feel a sense of accomplishment! While these games are all slightly different (Stagger, posture etc), Fallen Order was the most enjoyable for us.

If you're afraid of difficult content, no worries! The game difficulty can be adjusted to your current skill level. As you learn the game, try increasing it over time.



Want to swing from vine to vine like Tarzan? How about ski down icy slopes only to jump a chasm at the end? Maybe push an entire rock wall over with the power of the force? This game makes you pull off crazy stunts in order to proceed to the next area. Often times you will have to get the timing just right in order to successfully navigate dangerous terrain.

You may be starting to notice a theme to the gameplay? Timing is crucial!



It is a Star Wars game after all! No spoilers, but the story line to this game fits very well into the Star Wars universe. We're all pretty into the Mandaloria (Baby Yoda!). I would say you should go watch that, all the films, and play this game. Trust us, you will have a good time.

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